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Download Madhyamik Suggestion 2022 English | Last minute suggestion 90 Marks Question Paper | Madhyamik Class 10 | WBBSE

If you are looking for Madhyamik SUGGESTION 2022 of the West Bengal Boardthen here it is Madhyamik SUGGESTION 2022 (Test and Final)  for the year 2021-2022. It will surely help you to prepare you for Madhyamik Examination 2022. Download the PDF file attachedIf you find this helpful please Share with your friends and don't forget to comment below

Madhyamik Secondary 2022 suggestion PDF Download | Madhyamik English Suggestion 2022 | English Suggestion Free PDF Download | Hindi Medium | West Bengal Board

Examination: Madhyamik (WBBSE)
Subject:  English
Category: Suggestion  
Year: 2022
Prepared by : Supriyo Dey (Well Experienced Mathematics Teacher, Kolkata)

Madhyamik Class 10 Suggestion
2022 (New Syllabus)

Download Madhyamik Suggestion 2022 English | WBBSE

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1. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :

Swami hoped that with this his father would be made to see why he must avoid school for the day. But Father's behaviour took an unexpected turn. He proposed to send a letter with Swami to the headmaster. No amount of protest from Swami would make him change his mind, By the time Swami was ready to leave for school, Father had composed a long letter to the headmaster. He put it in an envelope and sealed it.

"What have you written, Father?" Swami asked apprehensively. 

Nothing for you. Give it to your headmaster and go to your class." 

"Have you written anything about our teacher Samuel?" 

"Yes. Plenty of things." 

"What has he done, Father?"

"Everything is there in the letter. Give it to your headmaster."

Swami went to school feeling that he was the worst boy on earth. His conscience bothered him. He wasn't at all sure if his description of Samuel had been accurare. 

He felt he had mixed up the real and the imagined. Swami stopped on the roadside to make up his mind about Samuel. Samuel was not such a bad man after all. Personally he was much more friendly than the other teach ers. Swami also felt Samuel had a special regard for him.

Swami's head was dizzy with confusion. He could not decide if Samuel really de served the allegations made against him in the letter. The more he thought of Samuel, the more Swami grieved for him. To recall Samuel's dark face, his thin moustache, unshaven cheek and yellow coat filled Swaminathan with sorrow. 

A. Write the correct alternative to complete the follwing sentences :  1x5=5

(a) Father's behaviour was -

(i) pleasant (ii) stange

(iii) not expected (iv) gentle

(b) While going to school Swami was bothered by-

(i) conscience (ii) headache (iii) ailment (iv) fever

(c) Samuel was not a/an - 

(i) bad man (ii) good man (iii) honest man

(iv) happy man

(d) The colour of Samuel's coat was - 

(i) black (ii) green (iii) white (iv) yellow

(e) Swami's head was dizzy with-

(i) shame (ii) sorrow (iii) confusion (iv) tension

B. Complete the following sentences with information from the text : 1x3

(i) Father informed Swami that he had written…...about Samuel.

(ii) His conscience bothered him because -

(iii) In the letter father made allegations 

C. Answer the following questions: 2x2=4

(i) How did Samuel look like ?

(ii) What did Swami fail to decide about Samuel ?

2. Read the poem and answer the questions that follow :

The mountain and the squirrel 

Had a quarrel:

And the former called the latter 'little Prig.'

Bun replied,

"You are doubtless very big; 

But all sorts of thing and weather

 Must be taken in together, 

To make up a year 

And a sphere,

 And I think it no disgrace 

To occupy my place. 

If I'm not so large as you, 

You are not so small as I,

 And not half so spry. 

I'll not deny you make 

A very pretty squirrel track; 

Talents differ : all is well and wisely put;

If I cannot carry forests on my back, 

bells Neither can you crack a nut.'

A. Write the correct alternative to complete the following sentences: 1x4=4

(a) The poem 'Fable' is written by -

(i) Ralph Waldo Emerson

(ii) Raph Walde Emerson

(iii) Ralf Woldo Emarson

(iv) Ralf Waldu Emarson

(b) The quarrel was between the mountain and the

(i) kitten (ii) rat(iii) cat (lv) squirrel

(c) The phrase all sorts of thing's refers to

(i) all living thing (ii) human beings

(iii) all non-living things only

(iv) both living and non-living things

(d) The word 'Sphere' refers to 

(i) a circular shape(ii) a football

(iii) the earth (iv) the sun

B. State whether the following statements are 'True' or 'False'. Write T for True and 'F' for False in the boxes on the right-hand side. Provide sentences/phrases/ words in support of your answer: 2x2=4

(a) The cat and the squirrel had a quarrel.

Supporting statement :

(b) A mountain is big but not so lively and energetic as the squirrel.

Supporting statement:


3. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow :

The death toll from the corona virus epidemic in China crossed the 2,000 mark on Wednesday with the death of 136 more people, while the overall confirmed cases climbed to 74,185 authorities have said.

The Natinoal Health Commission said in its daily report that 2,004 people had died of the disease known as COVID-19. NHC said 1749 new cases of novel corona virus infection have been confirmed. Of the new deaths, 132 were reported from the worst-hit Hubei Province and one each from Heilongjiang, Shandong, Guangdong and Guizhou.

Another 1,185 new suspected cases have been reported, On Tuesday, 236 partients became seriously ill, while 1,824 people were discharged from hospital after recov ery. The commission added that 11,977 patients remained in severe condition, and 5,248 people were suspected of being infected with the virus, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported By Tuesday, 62 confirmed cases including one death had been reported in Hong Kong. 10 confirmed cases in Macao and 22 in Taiwan including one death. China's daily number of news recovered novel corona virus patients have surpassed that of new confirmed infections for the first time, according to NHC.

So far, 14,376 patients infected with the novel corona virus had been discharged from hospital after recovery NHC said. On Tuesday Dr Liu Zhiming, president of Wuhan Wuchang Hospital in Hubei, died of novel coronavirus pneumonia highlighting h risks posed by virus to the medical staff. Liu was a leading neurosurgeon in Wuhan.

Last Friday, the NHC said a total of 1,716 medical workers had been confirmed co tracking the infection. As of February 11, six Medical workers were killed while treat patients. This included the whistleblower ophthalmologist, Dr. Li Wenliang who reprimanded by police for alerting about the virus over the social media in December (Adapted from an article published in 'The Telegraph', dated February 13, 2020)

A. Tick the right answer: 1x6=6

(i) The place corona virus hit the worse

(a) Beijing(b) Wuhan (c) Hubei Province (d) Shandong

(ii) Total number of patients infected with corona virus discharged after recovery from Hospital so far -

(a) 1,824 (b) 14,376 (c) 5,248(d) 1,749

(iii) Dr. Liu Zhiming was a - 

(a) Dentist(b) Opthalmologist

(c) Cardiologist(d) Neurosurgeon

(iv) By Tuesday, number of death reported in Macao -

(a) 0 (Zero) (b) 1 (One) 

(c) 2 (Two)(d) 10 (Ten)

(v) Dr. Li Wenliang was censured by police in -

(a) December (b) January

(c) February(d) November

(vi) According to NHC report the number of people had died of corona virus infection 

(a) 11,977 (b) 14,376 (c) 1,716(d) 2,004

B. Each of the following statements is either 'True' or 'False'. Write 'T' for true and 'F' for False in the boxes on the right-hand side. Also pick out suitable line(s) or phrase(s) from the passage in support of your answers: (1+1) x 3=6

(i) Corona virus disease is also known as COVID-19. 

Supporting sentence

(ii) Of the new 136 death, 132 were reported from Hong Kong. 

Supporting sentence : 

(iii) Dr. Liu Zhiming died of respiratory disease caused by virus.

Supporting sentence 

C. Answer the following questions : 2x4=8

(i) Why did the police reprimand Dr. Li Wenliang?

(ii) How many medical workers were killed and why? 

(iii) Who was Dr. Liu?

(iv) How was the death toll caused by COVID-19, reported till Wednesday?

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