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Leela's Friend Questions and Answers (PART-4) | Leela's Friend | R. K. Narayan | WBCHSE

LEELA'S FRIEND NOTES | WEST BENGAL BOARD CLASS 11 NOTES | ENGLISH - SECOND LANGUAGE | WB Board Class 11 English Notes | Leela's Friend | R. K. Narayan | Higher Secondary Examination | Class 11 English Notes 

List the ways in which Sidda’s company made Leela supremely happy and also how Leela attempts to educate him in return

“Don’t send him away, let us keep him in our house.” – Who was the speaker and to whom was this spoken? About whom was it said? How did the person or the persons spoken to react?

Ans: Leela was the speaker and it was spoken to his father Mr. Sivasanker. 

    It was said about Sidda who came to their household to seek for a job.

    The person spoken to was Mr. Sivasanker. He could not ignore his only daughter Leela’s request. Leela’s request decided the appointment of Sidda as a servant. Mr. Sivasanker engaged Sidda to his household. So the words of Leela made him react in favour of employing Sidda.   

“Her mind was disturbed.” – Whose mind is referred to here? Why was her mind disturbed? What kind of mentality of the person is revealed here?

Ans: Leela’s mother’s mind is referred to here.

    Mrs. Sivasanker’s mind was disturbed because of the loss of Leela’s gold chain. She believed that the chain was stolen by Sidda. The thought of Sidda frightened her as he had fled from the house.

    The mentality of Leela’s mother which is revealed here is the mentality of rich towards the poor. She looked upon Sidda as a thief without any proof. As she had no soft corner for Sidda, she did not think of the good qualities of Sidda. As Sidda was a poor servant, he became the victim to doubt and hatred of Leela’s mother.

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