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Leela's Friend Questions and Answers (PART-3) | Leela's Friend | R. K. Narayan | WBCHSE

LEELA'S FRIEND NOTES | WEST BENGAL BOARD CLASS 11 NOTES | ENGLISH - SECOND LANGUAGE | WB Board Class 11 English Notes | Leela's Friend | R. K. Narayan | Higher Secondary Examination | Class 11 English Notes 

List the ways in which Sidda’s company made Leela supremely happy and also how Leela attempts to educate him in return

What is your own view of Sidda? Do you think he is suitable friend for Leela? Give at least three examples from the text to support your argument.

Ans: Sidda is an honest and dutiful person. He performs his part properly to please all. He is a blameless person. He deserves love, pity and sympathy.

Sidda is suitable friend for Leela. He tries to keep Leela happy in every possible way. Leela is supremely happy in his company. He plays with her whenever she wants. He tells her many interesting stories. She can’t sleep without listening to his stories. That’s why she likes to have his company all her waking hours. She cannot live without him because he is her suitable friend.   

How did Leela try to make Sidda write? What was the result?

Ans: Leela held a class for Sidda in the evening. She made him squat on the floor with a pencil between his fingers and a catalogue in front of him. She commanded him to write. He had to try and copy whatever she wrote in the pages of the catalogue. She knew two or three alphabets and could draw a kind of cat and crow. She tried to make him write.

   Sidda was unable to copy the alphabets or the pictures she had drawn. Though he could control the moon, he was completely incapable of playing the pencil. Finally, to get rid of the task of learning he sent her to her mother for dinner.

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