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Leela's Friend Questions and Answers (PART-2) | Leela's Friend | R. K. Narayan | WBCHSE

LEELA'S FRIEND NOTES | WEST BENGAL BOARD CLASS 11 NOTES | ENGLISH - SECOND LANGUAGE | WB Board Class 11 English Notes | Leela's Friend | R. K. Narayan | Higher Secondary Examination | Class 11 English Notes 

List the ways in which Sidda’s company made Leela supremely happy and also how Leela attempts to educate him in return

How do Mr. and Mrs. Sivasanker react to Leela’s missing chain? How does Leela react herself? What does this suggest about each of them?

Ans: When Mrs. Sivasanker noticed that Leela’s gold chain was missing, she interrogated both Sidda and Leela about the chain. She slapped Leela for not telling her where the chain was. She suspected that Sidda had stolen the chain. Mr. Sivasanker grew excited to know all about the missing chain. He also considered that Sidda was the thief of the gold chain. He lodged a complaint against Sidda in the Police station.

Leela’s reaction to her missing chain was completely different from her parents. She didn’t suspect Sidda to be a thief. She was rather angry with her mother for always being abusive and worrying Sidda. She didn’t care her missing chain. She just wanted her friend back to play with her. 

    The reaction of Mr. and Mrs. Sivasanker and Leela reveal their characters. Mrs. Sivasanker’s reaction shows that she is a suspicious woman. Me. Sivasanker’s reaction shows that he is a poor judge of character of a person. Leela’s reaction shows that she has full faith in his friend. She has consideration and sympathy for Sidda.


What message is conveyed by Mr. Sivasanker’s final words in the story, “In any case, we could not have kept a criminal like him in the house.”

Ans: Mr. Sivasanker’s final words in the story ‘Leela’s Friend’ are very important. It delivers the message to the society. The attitude of the master towards the servant, the attitude of rich towards the poor and the attitude of high class towards the low class has been brought to light by the words of Mr. Sivasanker. 

    Mr. Sivasanker was the master and Sidda was his servant. He belongs to the rich class and Sidda belongs to the poor class. So, Mr. Sivasanker’s final words convey the message that a rich person like him has very low opinion for a poor person like Sidda. A rich man always suspects a poor man. The master does not have faith in his servant. So, this thinking of masters towards their servants should be changed. They should at least trust their servants.

        Mr. Sivasanker’s final words also conveys the message that before giving job to a servant masters should know the background of them. It is necessary because sometimes they may be a criminal.

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