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PDF Download Madhyamik English Question Paper 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 | English Original Question Paper 2017 To 2020 WB | West Bengal Board Class X | Madhyamik Class 10th Old Question Paper | Madhyamik 2017-2020 Question Paper | Free PDF Download | Last 10 Years Question | WBBSE

Are you looking for English Question Paper of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education? Here this is English Question paper of Class X (Madhyamik). It will surely help you to understand the question pattern of upcoming Examinations. It is English Question paper of the year 2017-2020. The only motive to publish the question paper on this blog is to help the students of Madhyamik to understand the question format. It is Original Version of the question paper. Download the PDF attachment and take a print out. Best of luck!


Examination : MADHYAMIK / SECONDARY (Class X)
Year : 2017-2020
Category : Old Question Paper
Subject : English
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ENGLISH - 2017



1. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

 It is always lovely on the Big Half Moon in summer. When it is fine, the harbour is blue and calm, with little wind and ripples. Every summer, we had some hobby. The last summer before Dick and Mimi came, we were crazy about kites. A boy on the mainland showed Claude how to make them Back on the island we made plenty of kites. Cloude would go around to the otherside of the inland and we would play shipwrecked mariners signalling to each other with kites.

We had a kite that was big and covered with lovely red paper. We pasted gold tinsel stars all over it and had written our names full on it - Claude Leete and Philippa Leete, Big Half Moon lighthouse.

One day there was a grand wind for kite-flying. I'm not sure how it happened, but as I was bringing the kite from the house, I tripped and fell over the rocks, My elbow went clear through the kite, making a big hole.

We had to hurry to fix the kite if we wanted to send it up before the wind fell: We rushed into the lighthouse to get some paper. We knew there was no more red paper We took the first thing that came handy an old letter lying on the bookcase in the sitting room. We patched the kite up with the letter, a sheet on each side and dried it by the fire. We started out, and up went the kite like a bird

A. Write the correct alternative to complete the following sentences in the given spaces: 1x5

(a) The Big Half Moon looked lovely during -

(i) spring                       (ii) summer

(iii) autumn                    (iv) winter

(b) The narrator and his playmates pretended to be -

(i) robbers                     (ii) adventurers

(iii) mountaineers           (iv) shipwrecked mariners

(c) The part of the narrator's body that went through the kite was

(i) elbow                        (ii) ankle

(iii) knee                        (iv) fingers   (Complete Question Paper Link is below)

ENGLISH – 2018


[Reading Comprehension (Seen)]

1.         Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :

It is the last time we shall be walking with Bapu. It was an agonizing walk. Thousands silently watched the procession. Bapu lay on an open truck covered with flowers. Thousands of people wept trying to touch Bapu‘s feet. It was impossible to move in the thick crowd.

As I moved forward slowly I understood I was not merely in the midst of grieving people. This was even more than the funeral procession of India‘s beloved leader. I was among people for whom walking with Bapu had a special meaning. We had walked with Bapu over the rough and smooth of India’s recent history. We could not now accept the fact that the man who had led us over many difficult paths, was never going to walk with us again. Bapu’s slight figure had walked, staff in hand, over a large part of India. To walk is to make slow progress. It is to think with clarity and closely look at all that is around you, from small insects to the horizon in the distance Moreover, to walk was often the only way open to the average Indian. It required no vehicle except his own body and cost him nothing but his energy.

A.         Write the correct alternative to complete the following sentences:     [1 x 5 = 5]

(a) The last walk with Bapu was.

(i) pleasant (ii) painful (iii) strange (iv) delightful

(b) According to the narrator, walking with Bapu was.

(i) quite boring (ii) a usual affair (iii) not a commonplace affair      (iv) meaningless

(c) While walking, Bapu used to carry .

(i) staff (ii) flag (iii) book (iv) bag           (Complete Question Paper Link is below)

ENGLISH - 2019



1. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :

"What have you written, Father ?" Swami asked apprehensively. "Nothing for you. Give it to your headmaster and go to your class." "Have you written anything about our teacher Samuel ?"

"Yes. Plenty of things.”

"What has he done, Father ?"

"Everything is there in the letter. Give it to your headmaster."

Swami went to school feeling that he was the worst boy on earth. His conscience bothered him. He wasn't at all sure if his description of Samuel had been accurare. He felt he had mixed up the real and the imagined.

Swami stopped on the roadside to make up his mind about Samuel. Samuel was not such a bad man after all. Personally he was much more friendly than the other teachers. Swami also felt Samuel had a special regard for him. Swami's head was dizzy with confusion. He could not decide if Samuel really deserved the allegations made against him in the letter. The more he thought of Samuel, the more Swami grieved for him. To recall Samuel's dark face, his thin moustache unshaven cheek and yellow coat filled Swaminathan with sorrow.

A. Write the correct alternative to complete the follwing sentences :                                            1X5

(a) Swami's father wrote the letter to Swami's .

(i) friends                       (ii) headmaster

(iii) teacher                    (iv) mother

(b) The letter made Swami feel ....

(i) happy                       (ii) sad

(iii) excited                    (iv) worried

(C) Swami stopped on his way to school to decide whether Samuel was an/an....

(i) bad person                (ii) good and friendly person

(iii) honest person          (iv) dishonest person                (Complete Question Paper Link is below)




1. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

When the family has finished tea, and gathers round the fire, the cat casually goes out of the room. True life now begins for him. He saunters down his own backyard springs to the top of the fence, drops lightly down to the other side. He trots across and skips to the roof of an empty shed. His movement becomes lithe and pantherlike. He looks keenly from side to side and moves noiselessly, for he has so many enemies

-dogs and small boys with stones, 

On top of the shed, the cat arches his back and rakes his claws once or twice through

the soft bark of the old roof. He stretches himself a few times to see if every muscle is in full working order. Then, drooping his head nearly to his paws, he sends across a call to his kindred. Before long they come, gliding, graceful shadows. No longer are they the meek creatures who an hour ago were mewing for fish and milk. They are now grim fighters.

Just think how much more he gets out of his life than you do out of yours! And the sports they have, too ! As they get older they go in for sport to the suburban backyards. These backyards that are dull to us, are to them hunting grounds where they ve more gallant adventure than King Arthur's knights ever had. 

A. Write the correct alternative to complete the following sentences:                                       1x5=5

(a) When the family gathers round the fire, the cat goes out of the room -

(i) cautiously                  (ii) smartly

(iii) casually                   (iv) noiselessly

(b) Sauntering down his own backyard, the cat jumps to the top of the -

(i) fence             (ii) roof

(iii) other side                (iv) shed

(c) The cat looks keenly from side to side and moves-

(i) carefully                    (ii) anxiously

(iii) fearfully                   (iv) noiselessly            (Complete Question Paper Link is below)


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